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FISH is an immersive, site-specific display combining traditional audio, visual, and sculptural media with technology.

FISH is a one of a kind experience.  Imagine walking into a gallery space and feeling like you've just walked into another world: the lighting is dim, the environment cool and relaxing, and surrounding you on all sides are magical, hidden treasures of the deep.  By combining audio, video, projection mapping, painting, sculpture, and more, FISH creates a playfully imaginative world.  

"FISH transformed the gallery into a new space for contemplation, inspiration, and discovery. Its beguiling mix of media, as well as sensory and emotional effects it evoked, set a new precedent for the caliber of projects we help produce." - Emily Halpern, Assistant Director, Crosstown Arts

Originally produced inside the Crosstown Arts Gallery in Memphis, TN, FISH is currently on the move. The show can be completely adapted to different galleries and other spaces of varying shape and size, while maintaining its core integrity.

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Meet the Artists


Christopher Reyes

Christopher AKA Ninjacat is an experiential artist combining traditional murals, sculptures, and installations, with original soundscapes, music, film, projection mapping, and technology.  Most recent installations include the Moonpie Project with Birdcap and NFO with the Urban Art Commission.


Sarah Fleming

For over a decade Sarah has worked as a filmmaker and visual artist in the Memphis area.  She has produced and directed numerous award-winning works of art, spanning the spectrum from narrative and documentary films to music videos to experimental films and projection pieces.  Currently she heads up her own production company, Cat and Fish, and is an active member of both Team Electron and Film Fatales. Sarah is passionate about creativity and an engaged member of the Memphis community.


Laura Jean Hocking

The universe was mysteriously created; fourteen billion years later Laura Jean Hocking became a filmmaker. She has edited four feature films, including the award winning documentary Antenna, and directed and/or edited dozens of music videos and experimental short films. Her most recent creation is the Indie Grant funded short film, “How To Skin A Cat.”




Beautiful, beguiling ‘Fish’ plumbs mysteries of the ocean depths
by Fredric Koeppel, Commercial Appeal

"Fish" is the most magical thing I have seen in Memphis probably ever. And the coolest, too.  To call "Fish," on view through Aug. 13 at Crosstown Arts, an immersive, site-specific audio and visual media installation doesn't begin to express the sense of movement, beauty, wit and mystery that it conveys.


Swim with the ‘Fish’ in immersive installation at Crosstown Arts
by John Beifuss, Commercial Appeal

The title of the gallery installation is simple: "Fish."  Is it an acronym? Connoting a "Fancifully Immersive Submarine Habitat," perhaps? Or a "Fantastical Ichthyological Sense of Humor"?  No, it's just "Fish." A word that is short and simple, yet loaded with enough associations — cultural, religious, environmental, even primal — to fill the Marianas Trench.



Community Feedback


"Fish was a pretty spectacular, immersive experience. The way the entire space and feel was considered was impressive. Great integration of technology and strong visuals. Totally enjoyable experience!" - Lauren Kennedy, Executive Director, Urban Art Commission

"The installation thoughtfully crossed boundaries in both audience participation and media formats, challenging our community's viewpoints of the roles, definition, and power of 'art.'" - Emily Halpern, Assistant Director, Crosstown Arts

“So exciting!  Felt like I had taken a trip to an amazing place!” - Barbara Whitmire, Guest Book

“This immersive experience was better than most oceans today - no plastic, pollution, etc.  Happy fish, happy people.  Thanks.” - M. Buchignani, Guest Book

“Such an oasis in the city; relaxing, visually stunning, and cool.” - Doug, Guest Book

“So great.  It's not often that the entire family loves the same installation!” - Camille Anderson Varghese, Guest Book

"FISH was a truly mesmerizing experience, capturing attention from and engagement with the widest cross-section of viewers in our exhibition history." - Crosstown Arts Gallery


Community Engagement

FISH is an excellent show for community outreach and engagement.  One of the aspects of this show that we are so proud of is how it has been embraced by local communities.  During it's time at Crosstown Arts Gallery in Memphis, TN, many school and educational groups arranged visits. FISH also became home to "Underwater Yoga," a series of five yoga classes organized independently in the community.


"After going to the opening of FISH, I couldn't wait to go back. I got permission to hold a series of yoga classes in the space which turned out to be a big hit. Experiencing the show over an hour was really the way to go. The way the colors, the sounds, the patterns, and the video all worked together so seamlessly created an incredibly soothing and rejuvenating space." - Stacey Greenberg, Underwater Yoga Organizer


We welcome the opportunity to collaborate on additional ways to engage your community.


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FISH can be completely adapted to different galleries and other spaces of varying shape and size, while maintaining its core integrity.  If you are interested in hosting FISH, please... 

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