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Sarah Fleming

Filmmaker / Owner

Sarah Fleming (Director, Producer, Director of Photography) catandfish.com. Fleming is an award-winning filmmaker, artist, and community leader. With more than 15 years of experience, she has a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of filmmaking and has served as producer, director, director of photography, and assistant director on over 70 films, music videos, and experimental pieces. She is the co-founder and principal owner of Cat and Fish, which specializes in storytelling through film, art, and technology.


Her award-winning films include the documentary feature GOOD GRIEF (2017), a film about love, death, and camp; VIOLA: A Mother’s Story of Juvenile Justice (2015), about a mother struggling to meet the needs of her son, Edward, while dealing with her own trauma; CARBIKE (2014), a narrative short that paints a picturesque portrait of her hometown, Memphis, through the eyes of a visiting couple; and TRAINING WHEELS (2011), a charming documentary about 21-year old Tommy learning to ride a bicycle for the first time. She was recently honored as recipient of “The Indie Award” (Indie Memphis, 2016) for her contribution to independent filmmaking in Memphis and work presented at the Indie Memphis Film Festival.

Fleming is also an engaged member of the Memphis creative community outside of the film circuit. Her most recent artwork FISH (2016), an immersive, site-specific audio and visual media installation, garnered much praise: “FISH is the most magical thing I have seen in Memphis probably ever… the gallery-filling work evinces a powerful sense of collaborative imagination, talent, and, perhaps above all, coordination” (Frederick Koeppel, The Commercial Appeal). She is a co-founder of both Memphis Women in Film, a group of filmmakers dedicated to advocating for greater representation of women and girls in filmmaking roles in the Memphis area, and Team Electron, a collective of music video directors based in New York, Los Angeles, and Memphis. She has been recognized by CODA and the American Advertising Federation for her outstanding service to the arts and cultural diversity.

When she’s not actively working on a project or encouraging creativity within her community, Fleming enjoys spending time with her partner and frequent collaborator, Christopher Reyes, and their two daughters, Mati Lou and Joey, who fill their lives with much excitement and little sleep.